banana wars, feb 2009

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Me, T (3 years 9 months), A (9 months), C (T’s friend from nursery), M (C’s sister, 1 and a half), and G (C and M’s mum). All in my car (7 seats!) on the way back from children’s farm.

T and C: (mournfully, from seats too far back in car to contact them) I’m reaalllly reaaaallly huuuungry

G: I’ve got some bananas in my bag, does T want one?

Me: I’ll give him the one I brought, you’re all right

[I stop the car and get out, then stupidly give T whole banana when I should have split it between T and C, as you will see…]

C: I want a banana

G: Are you sure? Oh dear, you won’ t like it, it’s all squashed. Have some crisps

C: (bursts into tears) I don’t WANT crisps! I want a banana!

A: (wakes up) ???

G: It’s all squashed, C. Do you really want it?

C: Yes

G: Ok then, here you go

C: (wails) It’s all squaaaaashed

A: Waaaaaahhh!

G(grits teeth): Ok here are the crisps then

M (sings): BA BA BA BA BA BAAAH!

A: uuuuuurrrrgggh!

[Brief silence as we set off again]

M: want banana!

[We stop]

G: I’ve got a plum, M, here, you have that

[We set off again]

Charlie: I can’t open my crisps

[I put reggae CD on and they are all asleep within 5 minutes]

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