family meals. So important. Jan 2010

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(At dinner table with A, 1 year 8 months, and T, 3 years 8 months)

T: I’m Superman-fireman! Pssssccchhh (sound of letting off imaginary fire extinguisher)

Daddy (for nth time in an hour): T, can you eat your noodles please!

T: I AM eating them! (bottom lip wobbles)

A: (suddenly decides noodles he has been happily eating are the devil’s worms) AAAAAARRRRGGGHHH!

Daddy: A, what’s wrong?

T: I think he wants a biscuit.

A: Bibit! Bibit!!

Daddy: No, no biscuit yet A, you need to eat your tea.


T: (as if to someone Very Stupid) He wants a BISCUIT!

Daddy: (with warning tone in voice that T seems unaware of) T, I KNOW…

T: Actually I need a poo

Daddy: Better go and have one then

(T disappears upstairs, not to be heard from for 20 mins apart from the odd ominous thud)

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