hot water, november 09

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After a trip to the park, November 2009. T was 4 and a half.

Mummy: T, we never made a picture out of those leaves, did we. Shall we do that now?

T: I don’t want to.

Mummy: But we collected all the leaves specially, didn’t we.

T: I didn’t collect them.

Mummy: OK, well, I collected them, because you didn’t want to.

T: I just wanted to mow the grass.

Mummy: T, A’s asleep now, so we can do something together. What shall we do? Do you want to draw a picture?

T: No I don’t want to do ANYTHING!

Mummy: Come on T, shall we cook these apples I’ve got?


Mummy: (Grumpily) No fun being with you any more is it.

T: (Sulks)

Mummy: Do you want to help me wash up?

T: (Burst of enthusiasm) YES!

Mummy: <sigh>

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