Man About Town neckwarmer with button

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Man About Town neckwarmer

This pattern makes a neckwarmer that is 21” long, which fits my two-and-a-half year old. 2×2 rib makes it lovely and cosy. It looks smart and cute, and has the advantage that it can be taken off over the head by the child without undoing the button. (Click the thumbnail for a larger image.)


50g DK yarn

4mm circular needle**

Large button

**NB this pattern is knit flat, not in the round. But using a circular needle means you can restart knitting at either side of the work, just by pushing it along the needle. This makes it easier around the buttonhole. If you use straight needles, you may need to swap the stitches from one needle to the other at certain points making the buttonhole.


Cast on 30 stitches.

Row A: *k2, p2. Repeat from * to end.

Row B: *p2, k2. Repeat from * to end.

Continue in this 2×2 rib pattern until work measures 18”.


To work the buttonhole, you just divide the knitting in half, and work one side separately from the other. Then they are joined together at the top of the buttonhole.

Row 1: Rib 15, keeping in pattern (i.e. purl the purl stitches, and knit the knit ones). Turn work around, leaving the remaining 15 stitches un-worked on your needle.
Row 2: Rib 15 back to the start of the row. Turn work again.
Row 3: As Row 1.
Row 4: As Row 2.
Row 5: As Row 1.

Break yarn. Leave these 15 stitches on your needle. Reattach yarn to the work at the bottom of the buttonhole. Now work the other side of the buttonhole.

Row 1: Rib the remaining 15 stitches that you have been ignoring up to now. Turn work around.
Row 2: Rib 15 back to the middle of the row. Turn work again.
Row 3: Rib 15 to edge of work. Turn work.
Row 4: As Row 2.
Row 5: As Row 3.

Next row: Rib 15 and continue to rib across the 15 stitches from the other side of the buttonhole, rejoining the two sides of the work together.

Now continue in rib until work measures 21”. Bind off in rib.

Sew button on so that the two ends of the neckwarmer overlap neatly when it is done up.


To adapt buttonhole for different size buttons:

While you are knitting the first ‘side’ of the buttonhole, try the button through the gap you are creating. You want the buttonhole to be quite snug – make it so it seems a bit too small. Note whether the number of rows you knit on the first side of the buttonhole is odd or even. If it’s odd, proceed as above, rejoining the yarn in the middle of the work (at the bottom of the buttonhole) to work the second side of the buttonhole. If the number of rows is even, rejoin the yarn at the side of the work. This ensures you can knit straight across to rejoin after the buttonhole is finished.

To adapt the neckwarmer for a larger/ smaller person:

Keeping the knitting on the needle, try the neckwarmer on the recipient (or someone the same size as them) when you think it might be getting long enough. You want the end without the buttonhole to sit nicely across the top of their chest. At the point when the second end overlaps the first by about 3/4”, start making the buttonhole. Then continue until you have knitted 3” from the beginning of the buttonhole.

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