‘Cross diary 4: I do some training

October 21, 2011 at 6:49 pm | Posted in cycling | 1 Comment
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It is a good idea to assess your level before embarking on a training regime. See how you do on the following quiz:

A. Cyclocross training in the park on Tuesday nights is:

    1. Better than staying in watching Cupcake Wars
    2. Brilliant fun! Whee! Crikey, these corners! Oh look, you fell off again. Haha!
    3. An opportunity to work on your ‘cross-specific skills and simulate a racing environment

B. How many intervals should you do in a typical turbo session?

    1. One every time your playlist hits a fast track
    2. 5 x 1 min efforts separated by 30 secs of rest, then 5 mins steady, then repeat
    3. Keep going hard until you get a Twitter mention, then ease up to reply to it on your iPhone

C. You are going out for a 1.5 hour road ride. How should you maximise the benefit you get from it?

    1. Plan a hilly route and ride eyeballs-out uphill, attacking out of the saddle to improve fast twitch muscle response
    2. Plan a flat route and ride at a constant rate of 15% below your maximum heart rate
    3. Try to avoid getting distracted by sheep and sunsets, and remember you are supposed to be trying a bit harder than usual

D. Cyclocross involves running, so your training should include:

    1. A 20-25 minute run before work every other day, to complement your evening rides
    2. Dismounting at speed on train platforms, shouldering your bike and running down the steps to the underpass
    3. Running up the ‘down’ escalator in Selfridges

E. What part should weight training play in a successful cyclocross training schedule?

    1. Targeted weight training under the guidance of a professional coach can redress muscle imbalances and improve core strength
    2. Clean and jerk bike lifts (left hand, then right hand) make the manoeuvre second nature and improve upper body strength
    3. Weight training? You’re joking, right? When I could be outside getting muddy?

No prizes at all for guessing my answers…

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