Something different… I ramble on about language for a bit

February 10, 2013 at 3:43 pm | Posted in language | Leave a comment
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Well. I had a couple of requests* for a podcast about language. Ooh. I can’t promise a series, but I have done one. I KNOW. Blimey.


My idea was mostly to talk about the differences in meaning between two words – ‘inspiring’ and ‘inspirational’ – but I get there via a number of other (maybe more interesting) musings about language.

It’s very non-technical (mostly because I don’t talk very well about technical stuff), and I hope it’s entertaining.

It’s about 15 mins long, so get a cup of tea.

Podcast: ‘Inspiring’ and ‘inspirational’ (this links to a dropbox file for download)

(If you get all inspired (haha!), have a play with the British National Corpus: you can read about what it is, and do sample searches, here. If you want to do more structured searches, use the BNCWeb at Lancaster University. You need to register to use it, but it’s free.)

* Really! It was @lardychap ‘s idea, and @danoh1 said he’d sign up, too.

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