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November 22, 2013 at 1:57 pm | Posted in cycling | 4 Comments
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Imagine my horror when my copy of Everyone’s Favourite Well-Known Cycling Publication went through the washing machine in the (admittedly spacious) back pocket of my jersey this week. Distraught, I managed to piece together parts of the letters page…

CW letters page


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  1. I’m shocked. I would have expected your jersey pocket to contain back copies of Rouleur at the very least.

    • Ha ha! I make the boyf carry Rouleur up the hills. It’s the only way I can slow him down…

  2. Look, it’s my choice whether to carry my parachute and distress flare. I’d take them on a long ride, but not when I’m just nipping down the shops, for flips sakes.

    • It’s people like you , making out that cycling is just a normal, everyday way of getting from A to B, that are RUINING cycling for the rest of us.

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