I stop grumbling and get my ‘cello out

January 19, 2014 at 8:20 pm | Posted in music, tv & film | 1 Comment
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Weirdly, all that griping about violin playing in Sherlock made me itch to play the ‘cello. I learned at secondary school, did grade 8 in sixth form and joined the orchestra at University (when I auditioned, the conductor told me I’d ‘just about scraped in’… ba-dum TISH). The orchestra finished me off; packed with serious, high-achieving music students, the repertoire was far too hard and I dropped out before the end of the first term.


Living in Manchester about a decade later, I picked it up again, and had lessons with the terrific and hugely talented Jenny Langridge from Psappha. But then I got a lectureship, and all my spare time went on weeping about syntax and losing sleep over phonetics, and I stopped practising.

I kid myself I’ll take it up again, but I know what it involves, and to be honest, I’m too lazy. You know. But every now and again I dust it off, and crank up the vibrato, and laugh at myself making a great load of noise.

Yesterday I worked out two Sherlock themes. I’m ridiculously pleased with myself. The boiz (8 and 5) broke into spontaneous, unbribed applause when I played them this morning (this is absolutely true). By popular demand (well, @festinagirl and @pariswheels told me to, but it was late at night, so they may have been drunk) I’ve audiobooed myself playing them. Disclaimer: they’re not very good. Those of a nervous disposition may wish to change channels now.

I also worked out the Borgen theme, so this one’s for @ScandiCaroline and @scsmith4 and all the Scandi crew. You’ll have to imagine the piano:

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  1. […] the piano. I bash out boogaloo riffs, worked out by ear. ‘That’s really GOOD, Mummy!’ I blow the dust off my ‘cello and scrape through TV themes. Someone dares me to post them on audioboo; I do it (after a couple of glasses of wine), and I’m […]

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