All the fly(by) guys…

April 23, 2014 at 8:15 pm | Posted in cycling | 2 Comments
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I’m quite excited about Strava Flyby. Input your Strava ride, and see who else was creaking round in the same area. Moreover, my spies have managed to intercept top-secret emails between developers, which reveal some highly interesting new features.strava flyby 2

Detailed research on people who ride frequently in your ‘hood will allow you to identify potential riding partners, particularly those whose pee stop: ride time ratio is in harmony with your own. New drop-down menus will mean you can filter riders by speed (choose whether to grovel, or feel smug), size (select a suitable companion to ride behind in that 20mph wind) and chattiness (for those still-sweating-Rioja Sunday morning rides).

A quick check before you set out, and you’ll be able to delay your ride to avoid that chap who drafts you up Cragg Vale without uttering a syllable, only to steam past you at the reservoir to claim the KoM. Moreover, if you’re feeling a little fragile, sorry, doing a recovery ride, you can tag silently onto the CTC as they trundle past; they probably won’t even notice you’re there.

Looking for love? Encountered a toothsome chap/ chapess on your ride, but too shy to say hi? Now, you’ll no longer have to content yourself with admiring their calves from afar; you can come home and stalk them, sorry, find out who they are in moments. Strava intel suggests that a notification facility is in the pipeline: as the object of your desire sets out, you’ll receive a text alert, allowing you to slip into your best Molteni jersey and run into him/ her ENTIRELY by chance in the chip queue at Hollingworth Lake.

Finally, if you suspect your partner might be playing away, you can simply put his/her Garmin on your bike instead of yours, and see who suddenly, coincidentally appears out of the fog.


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  1. looks like my little cateye velo now marks me out as not getting any action as well as too pennypinching and technophobic to buy a garmin 😦

    • Haha! All the fly guys/ gals like a bit of bling…

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