About me

Freelance writer, choral arranger, sometime cyclist, serial enthusiast, recovering academic.

I’ve worked with language all my life, as a linguist, teacher and writer. My pop science, humour, music and cycling writing has been published in the Guardian and other outlets, and I write content for small businesses; I like helping people put themselves and their work across in a way that feels accessible and authentic.

My other hat is Ninja Pop Arranger for community choirs. My niche talent in transforming unlikely 80s songs into four-part a cappella harmony has led to commissions from a range of groups including the award-winning White Rosettes barbershop chorus, Manchester Community Choir and Sheffield’s Out Aloud. I’m also half of the team behind Take It To The Bridge, Hebden Bridge’s very own Pop Choir.

This is my personal blog. There’s humour, satire, barbershop, opera, feminism and fangirling. There are a fair few rants about TV, the odd review, and accounts of my fairly unsuccessful attempts to get a bit better at riding cyclocross.

If you want the slightly-more-official version of me, or you’re thinking ‘Wow! I must hire Alison to write words or music for me IMMEDIATELY!’, my business site is over here.

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  1. Manchester 10K. 2 weeks away and therefore time to panic. Unless the gentle 250m rise from the Imperial War Museum back up to Chester Rd counts as ‘uphill all the way’, it’s just not going to do it for you. Last year it was just me, Haile Gebre Selassie and 35,000 hangers on. I believe this year another 5,000 have entered.

    • Go go go! Very impressed. It brings me out in a rash just thinking about that many people.

  2. Found you thanks to my ongoing search for all the women’s bike blogs in the world (womenbikeblogs.com). You’ll be featured in the Twitter feed and then added to the ongoing newsfeed from the @womenbikeblogs account. Thanks for writing! (Love the post about learning to be a roadie.)

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